Adventure Island targets biggest chip portion record

The record for the world’s largest portion of chips is hoping to be broken by an Adventure Island restuarant.

On Wednesday, the Traditional Fish and Chip Shop at the Southend-based theme park will attempt to break the previous record of 368.5kg in Hereford in 2004.

Taking an estimated four hours to complete, the challenge will involve the peeling, cutting and frying of potatoes from scratch.

A specially-created giant chip box has been placed outside the shop, with the official weigh-in to take place at 3pm.

Adventure Island owner Philip Miller told the Southend Echo newspaper: “Having a fish supper on the seafront is part and parcel of a fantastic tradition that we want to celebrate.”

The attempt is being held to raise cash for local cancer appeal Bosom Pals, with cones of the chips available for £1 after the weigh-in. Leftovers will reportedly be given to pigs at a nearby farm.