£2.4m investment plan for Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills is set to receive a cash injection of £2.4 million over three years as part of a new investment plan.

Earlier this year the Suffolk theme park was taken over by French investors HIG Capital and is operated by Looping Holding.

General manager Alexis Camelin said: “They promised an initial investment of 20m euros for the seven parks and we have just learned we are getting 2.7m (£2.4m) over the next three years.”

Prior to takeover, the park had suffered from a prolonged loss-making period, which it is hoped has now been arrested.

“Pleasurewood Hills has been making a loss over the last seven years but for the year ending April 2011, we are anticipating a profit,” Mr Camelin told the Norwich Evening News.

Plans for a 55-metre drop tower have already been submitted to the local council, and an unknown additional major ride is reportedly part of the plan.

The Enigma rollercoaster is also reported to be receiving a £150,00 refurbishment as part of the plan.