Paultons Park to open suspended coaster in 2016

Vekoma Suspended Family CoasterPaultons Park is to open a suspended rollercoaster for its 2016 season, the CoasterForce website has revealed.

It will be a Suspended Family Coaster from the Dutch manufacturer’s Vekoma, and operate under the name of Flight of the Pterosaur.

The ride will be the second rollercoaster built  by the company at the park next year, both of which will form part of a new dinosaur-themed area called the Lost Kingdom.

The model features lap-bar style restrains and is a non-inverting/looping style of rollercoaster.

The news follows the announcement last week that a Junior Boomerang would be opening at the Hampshire park next year.

That ride will be called Raptor, with the cost of both rides will be around £8 million, according to CoasterForce.

Website founder Ian Bell wrote that the new area and both rollercoasters would be “heavily themed”, featuring tunnels and near-miss points.

Since the opening of Peppa Pig’s world, Paultons Park has been capable of drawing annual visitor numbers in excess of one million.