Blackpool Pleasure Beach Holdings trims losses

Blackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool Pleasure Beach (Holdings) Ltd has recorded a loss of £400,000 in the financial year to 23 March 2014.

Company accounts record this as being a £1.4 million reduction on the previous year’s losses.

The Lancashire business is owned by the Thompson family, and includes a number of business including insurance and consultancy operations.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ltd – which covers the amusement park and its hotels as a separate entity – filed a loss of £1.5 million, down from £1.8 million the year previously.

The financial report said that the park’s hotel had experience a “challenging year”, with a 6% drop in the number of rooms booked during the previous year.

Directors described the tourism industry as “highly competitive” but said that they had “confidence and optimism” for the new financial year.

The report added that attendances remained at levels similar to the year ending in 2013, despite an improvement in the weather.