How the media reported on the Ultimate deer hit

The UltimateNothing quite fires the imagination of sensationalist British newspapers as a rollercoaster accident, and Final Destination-cum-Stephen King references can emerge.

Last weekend, when a juvenile deer was sadly killed after being struck by The Ultimate rollercoaster at Lightwater Valley, there was a predictable flurry of headlines.

Below we take a look at some of the highlights that the UK media offered.

“Passengers were left traumatised after the collision with the woodland creature.”
Huffington Post

“Theme park carnage as Lightwater Valley rollercoaster ‘decapitates’ deer, showering riders with blood.”
Daily Mirror

“Thrill seekers were left shocked after the ride ploughed into the young animal, leaving them splattered in blood.”
Wetherby News

Rollercoaster passengers were left horrified when a young deer was killed instantly after straying too close to the tracks.”
The Independent

“The deer was reportedly decapitated by the train as it rocketed along the track.”
The Northern Echo

“The wild animal was reportedly decapitated in the gruesome accident.”
New York Daily News

“People enjoying a fun day out saw their smiles turned upside-down recently after a rollercoaster they were riding hit a deer. Passengers could only watch in horror.”

“Rollercoaster decapitates young deer and leaves screaming passengers showered in blood”
Daily Express