Welsh rides condemned for electrocution risk

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) logoTwo fairground rides based in Wales were condemned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) earlier this year for presenting a risk of electrocution, it has emerged.

A travelling-type Formula 2000 ride, a children’s attraction featuring a number of different themed vehicles, was one of the affected rides.

It had a number of electrical conductors exposed, which presented danger to “juvenile users” of the ride, the HSE said.

The prohibition notice condemning the ride said that electrical wiring to lights on the ‘fire engine’ car and wiring connected with ‘chocolate box’ connectors under the track were lacking insulating material.

“You have failed to maintain the electrical parts / system of the Formula 2000 amusement device so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, danger,” the enforcement notice read.

The notice was issued on 20 May this year, and on the same date a ride at Barry Island Pleasure Park was also issued a prohibition notice for a similar reason.

The HSE said that that access was possible to “live electrical conductors at voltages liable to cause serious injury”.

Further details regarding the second ride have not been released into the public domain.