Smiler delay to extend beyond Bank Holiday

The SmilerAlton Towers has announced that the launch of its new rollercoaster The Smiler will not take place over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The latest opening date was announced as last Thursday, but the park has announced further delays on a daily basis since then.

Alton Towers has officially described the delays as being due to “unforeseen teething problems”, but certain details have become clear regarding the problems with the project.

Welding to queue line fences was still in progress on Thursday, with unpainted sections of steel clearly visible from the construction site’s perimeter fence.

Workmen have also been seen paying considerable attention to the ride’s vertical lift section, and a ground area of track has been visible at the top.

‘Stalled train’

A crane appeared over the ride yesterday morning and the entire X Sector area of the theme park was cordoned off by staff members.

It is widely suspected that a train had stalled during the the ride’s incomplete testing processes, although this has not been confirmed.

A photograph from the TowersStreet website shows a train being placed on the section of track adjacent to the ride station this morning, which could be the completion of the recovery process.

On Thursday, a large group of guests was seen gathered at the ride’s entrance, with staff members having to explain that it was not yet available.

As of yesterday evening, television adverts promoting the Gerstlauer-manufactured rollercoaster were still being shown nationally.