Pleasure Island running at loss, says owner

Boomerang rollercoaster at Pleasure IslandPleasure Island is running at a loss, according to its owner Melanie Wood.

Appearing on the BBC’s One Show on Monday evening, she said that the Cleethorpes theme park needed around 150,000 visitors annually to break even.

Wood revealed that only 135,000 passed through the park’s gates in 2012 and that the shortfall in income was being made up by the personal savings of her and her partner.

A disappointing 323 people visited the park on its open day this year.

A new petting farm attraction has been added to the park’s lineup this year, funded by £300,000 of Wood’s money.

She said that the park has costs of just under £2 million per year, with £900,000 of that being spent on wages and up to £300,000 going on ride maintenance during the closed season.