Legoland submarine ride launching next week

Legoland Windsor’s new Sea Life-based ride Atlantis Submarine Voyage will open on Friday 20 May, it was revealed today.

The £8 million attraction, being built by Mack Rides, will feature more than 2,500 marine creatures swimming freely in a vibrant underwater landscape.

Eight Lego-style submarines have been commissioned, with each being able to carry up to fourteen people.

The vessels do not fully submerge, but will feature large glass viewing windows on their submerged lower halves.

Curator Iain Grieves told the Belfast Telegraph: “The fish and sharks are settling well into their new marine world and will get used to the submarines and lots of astonished faces looking at them in no time at all.

“But unnatural noises can startle them, so a lot of engineering has gone into achieving silent running.”