X:\ No Way Out to run forwards under new name

X queue corridorsThorpe Park is to reopen the X:\ No Way Out rollercoaster with forward-facing trains under the new name of ‘X’ this Spring.

It will also feature a new height restriction of 1.2 metres, which is down from the previous 1.4 metres.

The enclosed ride – a Vekoma Enigma model – has been housed within a distinctive pyramid building at the park since 1996.

It previously operated as the “world’s first backwards rollercoaster in the dark”, although it often ran with lights on to reduce guest nausea.

Thorpe Park invites guests to “ride on a wave of light and sound” and “plunge into a mix of intense colour and music.”

The park’s website says of the ride: “Redesigned and reprogrammed around light and sound, the X trains will now speed forwards into tunnels of changing coloured light.”

It has been rumoured since last year that the rollercoaster will be associated with the Ministry of Sound dance music brand in 2013.