Four new areas of Warwick Castle to be unlocked

Warwick CastleWarwick Castle will open up four new rooms to the public for the first time in February next year.

They are known as the Barbican Battlements & Captain’s Room; Bear Tower; Watergate Room; and the Guards’ Room in Guy’s Tower

According to the Castle, they will “unlock defining chapters in the Warwick Castle story to reveal tales of battle, siege, murder, power struggles and hauntings.”

The Barbican Battlements will demonstrate how boiling tar and human waste were poured on attacking forces, while the Bear Tower will showcase a ‘bear pit’ where a live bear was kept.

The Guards’ Room will show how live cannons were added to the castle’s defences in the seventeenth century and the Watergate Tower will focus on ghosts and hauntings.

No additional charges will be incurred for the rooms, which can be visited at any time while guests are at the castle.