SW7 length due to public demand for longer ride

SW7 face logoThe length of Alton Towers’ 2013 rollercoaster SW7 is a result of guest feedback calling for longer ride times.

The Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter ride, whose final name is not yet known, will open on 16 March next year.

This website has learned that market research conducted during SW7’s planning revealed that the public overwhelmingly thought that the park’s current rides should last longer.

At approximately 1.1km, it will be the longest rollercoaster at Alton Towers in terms of physical track length.

The ride will also feature a prolonged ride duration of 2 minutes and 45 seconds – around twice the ride time of the Nemesis rollercoaster.

The feedback was a key factor in determining the direction of the new ride, which is being constructed with two lift hills.