London Dungeon move costing £20 million

Relocating the London Dungeon to a position adjacent to the London Eye is costing operators Merlin Entertainments some £20 million.

The company says that the new site will feature 18 new shows and 20 live actors with reworked scripts and costumes.

As previously reported, the current Dungeon – located on Tooley Street near London Bridge – is to close after 37 years of operation.

It will cease operation on 31 January next year, with the new attraction due to open on 1 March.

The relocated attraction is being designed to perform as the clear flagship of the Dungeon brand and will incorporate numerous new effects and some scenes significantly intensified.


The London Evening Standard newspaper reports that explosions, simulated cockroaches, excrement and live rats will feature.

Indoor queue lines will be significantly longer than at the current site, and will feature live actors portraying inmates within prison cells.

The Jack the Ripper scene will be reworked to feature a live actor stalking “foggy gas lit alleyways” of 19th Century Victorian Whitechapel.

However Merlin is keen to emphasise the humour aspect of the scenes, describing the new Dungeon as “scary fun on a world-class scale.”

The Vengeance 5D film ride will not be relocated to the new site, despite only being installed at Tooley Street last year.

The adult walk-up price for admission to the new Dungeon will be £24.60.