Alton Towers monorail accident injures guests

An accident on the monorail at Alton Towers led to a number of guests being injured on Sunday, it has emerged.

The incident was described as a ‘crash’ by several Twitter users, with one guest thanking the park on its Facebook page for staff assistance in the aftermath of the incident.

Several guests were admitted to hospital and at least one required stitches.

Tweets and Facebook posts from guests describe injuries to themselves and others as including broken noses, concussion and whiplash.

It is understood that the incident occurred around 5pm, towards the end of the park’s operating day.

‘Suddenly stopped’

The actual circumstances of the accident are not yet clear, with one one Twitter user saying that the train “suddenly stopped” and those on board “flew forward”.

The monorail is used as a transportation system to carry guests between the car parks and the theme park’s main entrance.

Guests sit on wooden benches seating up to three people, which are not fitted with safety belts.

The monorail – which first opened in 1987 – was closed during Monday.

Alton Towers has not yet commented on the incident.

In 2003, the system was briefly closed when two trains collided, although no passengers were on board at the time.