Merlin Entertainments hints at Scarborough attractions

Merlin Entertainments has hinted at the introduction of additional attractions in the coastal town of Scarborough.

The company already has a presence in the North Yorkshire resort in the form of its Sea Life Centre, but one of its representatives appears to have suggested that additional ‘midway’ attractions could help the town’s economy.

Iain Hawkins, head of Merlin’s seven attractions in and around the Blackpool Tower, made a presentation in Scarborough entitled “The Making of Blackpool – Blackpool’s Renaissance Strategy – A transferable strategy?”.

It was part of the Tourism Forum, in which the long-term future of Scarborough as a tourist destination was discussed.

Public-private partnership

Hawkins’ suggestions of a long-term plan requiring council and private investment reflected the multi-million pound investment that was seen in Blackpool last year.

Merlin Entertainments introduced a the Blackpool Tower Eye observation deck, Madame Tussauds waxworks and Dungeon scare attraction.

The company also agreed to take over the running of some existing attractions at the Blackpool Tower.

Addressing those hoping to secure Scarborough’s future in tourism, Hawkins said: “They need to have a long term plan. What this is is not just building a few attractions and hoping they last 25 years. It’s about building things that last.”