Fantasy Island revises prices and opening times

Fantasy Island has revealed a revised opening time and pricing structure for its 2012 season.

The Lincolnshire theme park will have three tiers of unlimited ride wristbands, with them costing £20 at peak times, £15 during the ‘mid’ season and £10 at quieter times.

This pricing structure replaces the £20 price of wristbands at all periods during the 2011 season.

Peak days are advertised as closing between 6pm and 9pm – the previous closing time was 10pm during this period.

But the park says that “if the weather is fine and folk are about we will stay open so stick around.”

The park is notorious for closing rides without explanation, but high winds do affect the availability of its two major rollercoasters.

Fantasy Island opens on Saturday 17 March this year and will launch a new dark ride under the title of The Asylum.