Thirteen actress assaulted at Scarefest

A woman who is serving as a Halloween actress at Alton Towers was punched in the face on Wednesday night.

The actress concerned was standing in the exit path of the Thirteen rollercoaster, as part of the Thirteen After Dark event which features live actors around the ride.

Writing on her personal blog, 22-year-old Leanne described the unprovoked attack by an unknown boy.

She wrote: “He calmly walked past staring at me then decided to punch me full on to the right side of my face, and then continue to punch me continuously to the body shouting ‘wanna fight?'”

It is not the first time the Thirteen After Dark event has been subject to controversy.

Last year, an actor was also allegedly assaulted in the queue line entrance, which may explain the removal of actors from that area for this year’s event.