Adventure Island announces 125-foot drop tower

Adventure Island drop tower 2024

Adventure Island has announced that a 125-foot (38-metre) drop tower ride will open at the park in 2024.

Announcing the news on X on Friday, the Essex amusement park has not yet decided the ride’s name.

Adventure Island owner Philip Miller confirmed to RideRater that the ride will be a 16-seater SBF Visa model.

Four names are being considered for the ride, with the park now asking for customer feedback on each:

  • The Tower
  • The Needle
  • Up 360
  • Vertigo

‘Viewing tower’ mode

Adventure Island is undertaking £60,000 of foundation work to accommodate the ride, which it is hoped will open in March next year.

Mr Miller said that the ride would be cycled as a rotating viewing tower on occasion, as the recent City Wheel ride “went well” with older visitors.

“It’s a ride that can also act as a revolving viewing tower for those that like heights but not the drop,” he said.

“The City Wheel, last season’s new attraction, went well with the grey pound, and we are thinking the panoramic cycle now and again might encourage the oldies like me!”

Adventure Island closes this weekend, ending what it has described on X as an “incredible year”.