Calls for 10-day Nottingham Goose Fair to stay

Nottingham Goose Fair 2023

Organisers are calling on Nottingham City Council to make the city’s Goose Fair a 10-day event permanently.

Previously running for five days, the fairground was extended to 10 days in 2022 following a two-year COVID-19 hiatus.

This year’s event, which also ran for 10 days, attracted record crowds of circa 500,000 people.

Showmen are now calling for the event to be permanently made a 10-day run.

Speaking with the World’s Fair magazine, Notts & Derby chairman William Percival said: “It should be ten days form now on.”

“Most modern fairs are at least ten days,” he added.

“We had three days in a row of rain. If we were still a three-day fair and we were open on those days, we would have been washed out.”

Mr Percival said that Nottingham City Council was “very positive” about the 10-day proposal, with discussions to follow.