Thorpe Park to replace Angry Birds Land

Detonator, Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is removing the Angry Birds Land themed area after almost ten years at the park.

Announcing the news on Facebook on Monday, Thorpe Park said that 31 October would be the final day the area would open.

Thorpe Park confirmed that the Angry Birds Land area will have a new, non-IP theme next season.

Launched in 2014, Angry Birds Land includes a 4D experience, plus the re-themed Detonator and Dodgems rides.

The park, which ends its 2023 season on Tuesday, added that the Detonator drop tower would remain.

In recent years, Angry Birds Land has been only minimally marketed following a decline in the popularity of the franchise.

Thorpe Park will unveil a new logo later this year, as it looks to launch the UK’s tallest rollercoaster in Spring 2024.