Hyperia: Thorpe Park rollercoaster named

Project Exodus, Thorpe Park rollercoaster

Thorpe Park has confirmed that the name of its new rollercoaster will be Hyperia.

At 236 feet, it will be the tallest rollercoaster in the United Kingdom, and is also expected to be the fastest in the country.

In a YouTube video released on Thursday, the ride’s tagline was given as “find your fearless”.

It has been up to this point referred to only by the Project Exodus codename.

The Mack Rides-build rollercoaster will open at Thorpe Park in spring next year.

It is currently under construction, with groundworks and foundation installation well underway at the Surrey resort.

Top speed

The ride’s trains will feature ten two-seater rows, with Mack’s modern semi-lap bar style restraint design, similar to those on the Icon ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

With a theoretical speed of circa 81 to 82 miles per hour, Hyperia could take the title of the UK’s fastest rollercoaster from Thorpe Park’s own Stealth ride.

But with the current UK record being 80 mph, there is some uncertainty over whether Hyperia will actually break it in practice.

In Greek mythology, Hyperia was the daughter of the river god Inachus, although no story or theming link to this has been made by Thorpe Park.