Big Dipper celebrating 100th anniversary

Big Dipper, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s classic rollercoaster the Big Dipper is celebrating its 100th anniversary on Wednesday.

Designed by John Miller and William Strickler in 1923, an extended layout was later added in 1936 by American engineer Charles Paige.

Architect Joseph Emberton also established the ride’s now-classic art deco theme around the same time.

On Wednesday, the Pleasure Beach is holding a celebratory event to mark the wooden ride’s centenary.

The rollercoaster opened later than normal this season to allow for an extended period of maintenance and refurbishment.

The ride’s large decorative object – variably described as an onion, ice gem, and bulb – was removed and repainted along with much of the rest of the ride.

Big Dipper was brought to the Lancashire amusement park by founder William George Bean, who was greatly inspired by the US fairgrounds of Coney Island.

Its £25,000 construction cost would exceed £1.2 million in today’s money.