2012 Alton Towers dark ride to be Nemesis-themed

Alton Towers has launched a microsite for their planned 2012 dark ride, which is being dubbed Nemesis: What Lies Beneath?

The ride will be themed on a catacomb associated with the alien monster which is the basis of the original 1994 story of the Nemesis rollercoaster.

It is not yet clear if Nemesis:What Lies Beneath? will be the final name for the ride, but it is also referred to as such on the special park map for the Halloween Scarefest, which was unveiled today.

Video footage on the website explains the original story behind the ride, and also reports that contact has been lost with a team of scientists exploring underground catacombs.

The ride, which is widely expected to be an ABC drop ride of some description, is still to have planning permission granted.

However, the application is likely to be accepted and the ride is planned for opening at the start of the 2012 season in mid to late March.

Visit the new microsite here.