Corkscrew leaving Flamingo Land this season

Flamingo Land’s veteran Corkscrew rollercoaster is to leave the park at the end of the 2011 season, Ride Rater understands.

The Vekoma ride was installed at the park in 1983 following a brief stint at the now defunct Spanish City Amusement Park near Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

It is the last remaining Corkscrew model in the United Kingdom following the closure of Alton Towers’ example in 2008.

The rollercoaster has reportedly been sold to Luna Park at Cap d’Agde in France.

While it is understood that the ride is in its final season at Flamingo Land, rumours of its sale and relocation cannot be verified at this stage.

2 Comments on "Corkscrew leaving Flamingo Land this season"

  1. Hello, are your sure from this news? Do you know the name of the French park? Thanks for this :)

    • Hi and thanks for your comment.

      We are sure enough it’s being removed from Flamingo Land to go with the story – we don’t typically post rumours only and would certainly not base an article on one.

      However, it *is* only a rumour that it’s being sold to another park, but the rumour is that it’s going to Luna Park in Cap d’Agde.

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