Theme park prices rising faster than inflation

The Swarm, Thorpe Park

Some UK theme parks are raising admission prices significantly more than the rate of inflation, figures released today confirm.

Figures released on Wednesday show that the current UK inflation rate, widely defined by the Consumer Price Index, is 10.7%.

However, several theme parks are showing year-on-year increases in their standard admission charges that are several percentage points above this.

The largest increase has been Thorpe Park, which has seen a 16.4% rise on pre-discounted admission compared with 12 months previously.

While not all parks have announced rises in their 2023 admission prices at this time, several of those that have are rising prices faster than inflation.

Other parks have not confirmed their intention to freeze prices, even where existing charges remain unchanged on their websites and booking apps.

Year-on-year increases

RideRater monitors UK theme park pricing and conducts analysis throughout the year.

We found that Thorpe Park’s ‘on-the-day’ gate price has risen by a record £9 in the past year, to £64.

Fellow Merlin Entertainments-operated park Chessington World of Adventures’ £60 entry charge is also 15.4% higher than this time 12 months ago.

Entry to Paultons Park has also risen above inflation, by 14.4%. The on-the-day admission there now costs £55.50, a £7 year-on-year rise.

Theme park prices at Paultons Park are also rising above inflation

Legoland Windsor has increased its undiscounted admission to £66, a 13.8% rise in the last year.

Alton Towers remains the most expensive theme park in the UK, but its annual increase in entry price is slightly below inflation, at 9.7%.

On-the-day admission to the Staffordshire theme park is now £68, a rise of £6 compared with this time last year.

Of the major UK theme parks that have confirmed price rises, Pleasurewood Hills comes in at the lowest with its £1 (4.3%) rise to £24 for entry.

Merlin Entertainments and Paultons Park have been approached for comment.