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“Awful day for my autistic son at Drayton Manor”

from Jane Jones

I sent my autistic son to Drayton Manor with his carer on Tuesday. The day before, I rang to ask if I could buy disabled tickets at the gate, and how much they were. I was told £18 each, which was fine. When they went to buy the tickets they charged them £27 each, and did not even ask what disability my son had.

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“Towers Loving Care does nothing for me”

from Stuart McNeal

Sadly the Alton Towers’ Towers Loving Care programme is doing nothing for me apart from the monorail at the car park, and Nemesis. I failed to see anything different when walking around.

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“Reduced openings a nail in Merlin’s coffin”

from Laura Mitchell

The reduced opening times of all of Merlin’s UK theme parks is one big nail in their coffin.

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“Simply more cost-cutting from Merlin”

What the hell is Chessington World of Adventures and the other parks thinking of by closing midweek during term time?

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“The danger of too many IPs at a theme park”

If the rumours of Derren Brown being the basis of Thorpe Park’s new addition next year are true, then is this indicative of a continuing trend from Merlin Entertainments?

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“Good move by Thorpe Park on Katie Hopkins”

I’d just like to congratulate Thorpe Park on the decision to take the piss out of Katie Hopkins in their Fright Nights maze.

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“What will happen to The Smiler now?”

After the terrible incident which occurred last week on The Smiler and the repercussions which will no doubt ripple throughout the industry over the following months, Alton Towers will be left with a series of difficult decisions that they will have to make in regards to the future of ride.

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“Alton Towers loses its huge reputation”

I don’t believe Alton Towers should rush to be open as soon as possible. I am expecting them to be closed for the weekend and into next week.

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