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Editorial: Merlin’s wood gamble worth taking

UploadMerlin Entertainments would appear to be finally taking the plunge and constructing a new wooden ride.

All signs in the plans for Alton Towers’ next major addition point to a wooden rollercoaster being the park’s next ‘Secret Weapon’ project.

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Editorial: VAT cut campaign becoming desperate

UK governmentCalls for the UK government to cut VAT on tourist attractions and hotels rooms are continuing to fall on deaf ears.

Although the campaign has never gone away since it begin shortly after the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition was formed in 2010, there has been heightened press activity in recent weeks.

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Editorial: Lightwater Valley’s unique selling points

The UltimateThere has to be a reason why a small independent theme park such as Lightwater Valley has survived in the face of a larger neighbour.

In actually fact, the park is not as close to Flamingo Land as what is generally perceived – although it is in the same county.

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Editorial: How Merlin’s Annual Pass is damaging

London EyeMany will have seen the claims of how quickly a Merlin Annual Pass “pays for itself”, or how much it can “save” its owners.

It is abundantly clear that comparing the product’s price to, and calculating savings based on, on-the-day attraction admission prices – which virtually no one pays – is a questionable practice.

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Editorial: Smoking bans mean nothing unenforced

SmokingA number of theme parks have now taken the populist approach of becoming ‘smoke free’, although the reality is somewhat different.

Originating with the parks operated by Merlin Entertainments, smoking in queues has been ‘banned’ for several years now, with more generalised smoking bans claimed shortly after.

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Editorial: Alton Towers’ poor after-sales care

Alton Towers monorailAlton Towers’ staff are renowned for their friendly and helpful attitude – when you are at the park, that is.

What is quite different is the level of service and care guests receive after they have visited.

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Editorial: Asylum criticism simply too farfetched

The AsylumThe recent criticism of Thorpe Park’s Halloween scare maze The Asylum, is a jump to a farfetched conclusion.

Now in its eighth year of operation, the attraction has recently been the target of mental health campaigners, who have become aware of its existence.

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Editorial: Merlin’s staff are its greatest asset

Alton Towers staffIt’s fair to say you would struggle to recall instances of where you have been spoken to rudely by staff at a theme park operated by Merlin Entertainments.

Indeed, most people are left with lasting impressions of enthusiastic employees asking if they are enjoying their day.

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