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Editorial: Merlin finally facing reality over wood rides

SW8 under construction at Alton Towers

It was not too long ago that Merlin Entertainments dismissed the idea of adding wooden rollercoasters to its theme parks.

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Editorial: Sun newspaper smearing Paultons Park

The Sun newspaper

The Sun newspaper is attempting to smear Paultons Park with its latest ‘investigation’ alleging cocaine use at the theme park.

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Editorial: Smiler victims need better guidance

Smiler crash victims attend court

It is time that the seriously injured victims of Alton Towers’ Smiler rollercoaster accident were helped to move on with their lives properly.

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Editorial: Towers Loving Care is tidying the tat

Nemesis repainted

Towers Loving Care is the name given to the process of repainting and refurbishment that is currently going on at Alton Towers.

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Editorial: Thorpe’s new ride must be the next Hex

Derren Brown

As Thorpe Park begins to step up the marketing activity for its new enclosed attraction, it is critical that the end product matches the hype.

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Editorial: Alton Towers’ early closes make sense

Alton Towers ruinsTo say Alton Towers has struggled massively since the Smiler accident this summer, would be an understatement.

The park has been virtually deserted during weekdays, including some over the usually-busy school holidays.

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Editorial: The gamble of reopening the Smiler

The SmilerReopening the Smiler is not as simple as it may first seem, even when it has been determined as being safe.

Alton Towers faces a huge headache on how to proceed with a ride which has been dogged by problems since its opening.

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Editorial: Flawed systems at work on The Smiler

The SmilerAlton Towers is in an unprecedented third day of closure, following the worst accident in the theme park’s history.

When the Smiler rollercoaster collided and seriously injured four guests on Tuesday, the whole country seemed to be stunned by the news.

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