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What we learned from Wardley and Varney Q&A

Nick VarneyDuring the recent celebrations for the Nemesis rollercoaster’s 21st anniversary, John Wardley and Nick Varney took questions from theme park enthusiasts.

The ride’s designer and the Merlin Entertainments chief executive – then a marketer for Alton Towers – revealed a number of interesting facts.

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How theme park car parking charges compare

Car parkHaving to pay for parking on top of admission is one of the theme park guest’s biggest gripes, but by how much do the charges vary?

A significant number of smaller independent parks retain free car parking, the trend has been one of the bigger park adopting the levies.

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A park five times more popular than Alton Towers

Paramount LondonIf all goes to plan, Britain could be on the verge of having a new theme park attracting 15 million people per year.

That’s the bold vision of those behind the ‘London’ Paramount project planned for Kent.

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2014 Trivia: Quiz of the year’s news

QuizTry our quiz of 2014’s news and find out how much you were paying attention to the events of last year.

The answers are given at the bottom of the page – so find out if you were oblivious, air headed, a flying machine or an ultimate observer.

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What do you need to design and maintain rides?

Air at Alton TowersWith the news this week of Alton Towers teaming up with the Staffordshire University to offer a degree setting imaginations racing, we take a look at how you might be able to become intricately involved with theme park rides.

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Is Merlin tiring of its annual pass holders?

ColossusThere was a time when Merlin Entertainments could not sell enough of its annual passes.

However, there is increasing evidence that the number of people that use them to visit attractions is seen as becoming a liability.

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Merlin: A year on from public ownership

Oblivion / courtesy of M WellsEarly next month will mark a year since Merlin Entertainments become a public company and floated on the London Stock Exchange.

It was much talked about for years before it happened, with an aborted attempt taking place a few years earlier.

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Why do UK parks lag behind others in the world?

Cinderella CastleWhen it comes to theme parks – specifically the ‘theme’ bit – the UK staggers behind the rest of the world.

The quality of theming at parks in Europe and the United States is fair superior in appearance and effect than that of even Britain’s most popular theme parks.

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