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15 November 2014

  • Lightwater Valley is to retain the Whirlwind flat ride for the 2015 season, despite the Mondial Topscan being advertised as being for sale earlier this year.

9 November 2014

  • Fantasy Island is to repaint its Odyssey rollercoaster during the closed season, with track re-profiling also being contemplated if costs permit.

2 November 2014

  • Alton Towers will remove the Sonic Spinball ride and replace it with a family-friendly rollercoaster as part of an expansion of CBeebies Land taking place in the run-up to the 2016 season.

31 October 2014

  • Flamingo Land has ordered a wooden rollercoaster after several years of considering such a ride, with the 2016 season being the target completion date.


  1. James Bishop says:

    No way! They need to keep sonic spinball it’s lots of fun to ride. Any ride that is cebbies themed will be baby’ish

  2. Blaine says:

    Cool very cool:D

  3. Adam says:

    Any more news on the Flamingoland rumour? Company?

  4. Craig Walton says:

    What is coming next at Thorpe and ATR

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