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Lightwater Valley returns to profit

The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley returned to profit in the year ending 31 January 2015, following several years of consecutive losses.

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Flamingo Land records £2.2 million profit


Flamingo Land recorded a £2.2 million pre-tax profit for the year ending 31 March 2015, accounts show.

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Thorpe Park unveils Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

Derren Brown's Ghost Train1

Thorpe Park has revealed the title of its forthcoming indoor attraction as Derren Brown’s Ghost Train.

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Alton Towers to relaunch Air ride as Galactica


Alton Towers has confirmed that the Air rollercoaster is to be relaunched with virtual reality technology, under the name of Galactica.

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Alton Towers ‘committed and heavily investing’


Alton Towers has said that it is ‘strongly committed’ and ‘heavily investing’ following announcements of operational cuts for the 2016 season.

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Alton Towers dismantles Ripsaw ride


Alton Towers has dismantled its Ripsaw ride, following reports that it would not feature in the park’s 2016 lineup.

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7-rollercoaster theme park plan for south Wales

Boomerang (generic image)

A theme park home to seven rollercoasters is being planned in the town of Llanelli in south west Wales.

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“Reduced openings a nail in Merlin’s coffin”

from Laura Mitchell

The reduced opening times of all of Merlin’s UK theme parks is one big nail in their coffin.

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