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An app that counts the rides you’ve been on

Auto Ride Count app

A mobile phone application has been launched that could have a certain appeal to theme park enthusiasts.

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“Towers Loving Care does nothing for me”

from Stuart McNeal

Sadly the Alton Towers’ Towers Loving Care programme is doing nothing for me apart from the monorail at the car park, and Nemesis. I failed to see anything different when walking around.

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Ripsaw ride to be incorporated into Hex


Alton Towers is incorporating its former Ripsaw flat ride into the Hex experience, it has emerged.

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Storms prevent east coast theme parks opening

Wipeout rollercoaster at Pleasurewood Hills

Stormy weather on Easter Monday prevented several east coast theme parks from opening.

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New book covers theme park design

Theme Park Design

A new book is being released next week which covers theme park design and “the art of themed entertainment”.

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Smiler ride reopens nine months after crash

The Smiler

The Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers has reopened to the public, nine months after an accident which seriously injured five people.

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Alton Towers marks ex-Flume site as SW8 location


Alton Towers has positioned SW8 signage at the site of the former Flume ride, describing a “ground-breaking new ride development”.

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‘Good prospect’ of tourism VAT cut

London Eye

Representatives from a campaign to cut VAT on tourist attractions have spoken of a “good prospect” of the British government making a reduction.

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