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Ride Rater was founded on 10 June 2010. Our primary aim is to deliver unbiased news from within the British theme and amusement park industry. We also produce feature, analysis, review and opinion articles.

This website is entirely independent of all theme parks, their operators and all other websites.

We are entirely self-funded and are free of revenue-generating adversing. Ride Rater is not a company, business or revenue-generating entity.

We endeavour to write our news articles in a professional, neutral and unbiased fashion. We also write in a way that is designed to make sense to general members of the public – as well as our primary readership, theme park enthusiasts.

From time-to-time we publish articles that are described as ‘Features & Analysis’, ‘Editorial Opinion’ and ‘Your Views’. See below for details.

Our theme park visits take place in the same way that a visit by members of the general public would. We do not seek or generally accept offers of special treatment as we are keen to get the true experience offered to the average guest by each park.

Sections of the site

Contact Us – We love to receive mail from our readers on anything regarding UK theme parks and rides. You can send us questions, comments, feedback or news stories you have come across.

Credits – A list of people who have made valuable contributions to Ride Rater. If you would like to join them, get it touch.

In Brief – Comprehensive updates from the UK theme park industry in one or two sentences. A page worth bookmarking to keep abreast of the last developments that don’t quite qualify for full articles.

In the Media – A selection of references to Ride Rater that have been made in the British media are documented here.

Links – We choose to share links with a select number of active websites that we have a good relationship with, usually at least inclusive of mutual linking back to Ride Rater.

Mailing List – If you would like to receive occasional updates from the editorial team – and certainly not spam or commercial offers – you can add your email address to our mailing list.

Rumours – Nothing that appears on this page has been confirmed and should be treated with caution. It should however be noted that we do have a target that the majority of the rumours posted are accurate. Postings are made at the discretion of the editor and are based on various sources.

Article content

We tend to focus on news concerning thrill/adult/dark rides. We often do not typically mention developments featuring rides and attractions specifically aimed at young children. For example, you may not see a great deal concerning Legoland Windsor on the website. Inclusion of family-orientated attractions may from time-to-time be included in Ride Rater’s scope, at the discretion of the editor.

Our news articles are written in a formal style utilising a high level of English grammar. Due to this, we consider the website’s target age group to be 18 years and older. However we still welcome visitors of all ages to our website and social networking pages.

In our News articles, we endeavour to factually report stories in the public and/or theme park/ride enthusiast’s interest. These articles occasionally include news of accidents, injuries and serious malfunctions of rides and attractions.

Our Editorial Opinion articles are expressly the personal opinions of the editor and may or may not contain accurate factual information throughout. Our Features & Analysis articles also contain personal input of the editor’s personal knowledge and analysis – these may also feature individual thoughts and non-factual information.

Reviews – these articles feature our assessment of new rides and attractions, and will be accompanied by a star rating. Note that these articles will not necessarily contain entirely factual information.

Your Views is the title we give to articles which are letters and messages we have received from our readers. Their content does not necessarily represent Ride Rater or its staff.

Given that the Merlin Annual Pass is held by many a thrill-seeker and theme park enthusiast, we will also cover major news concerning the pass. Polls conducted in 2010, 2011 and 2012 revealed that more than half of this site’s visitors own a Merlin Annual Pass. In 2013, we ended our coverage of the non-theme park attractions operated by Merlin Entertainments.

Article categories

Our article were divided into six categories. It is important to note the category when reading an article.

  • News: Our main content – factual, unbiased, professional and formal accounts of current events in the theme park and ride industry.
  • Reviews: New rides and attractions receive our evaluation, and are awarded our famous star ratings
  • Features & Analysis: Occasional publications featuring analysis or interviews conducted by the Ride Rater team.
  • Editorial Opinion: Typically reviews of new rides and attractions, but sometimes taking the form of personal thoughts from the writer on issues affecting the industry.
  • Website Announcements: Items such as competition announcements or official statements.
  • Your Views: Letters from our readers that address topical issues on theme parks and rides.

Some of our archive content falls into the category of features or opinion, but was automatically re-categorised as news following a temporary suspension of those types of articles from Ride Rater.

News sources

The sources for our news are varied. We monitor a number of established news providers and we will cite sources of quotes where applicable. We do have our own contacts and conduct our own research, which supports many of our articles. Unattributed articles can be taken as being the sum of Ride Rater’s own research efforts.

When individuals speak directly to other media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations and fellow websites – and those quotes are used in our articles – we will identify the source of the quotes within our work.

Interactivity and social networking

The website editor can be contacted directly via the link on the right.

We encourage interactivity, comments and feedback. All are welcome to comment on our articles or engage us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presences.

Our Twitter and Facebook presence is often used to interact with our readers, often in a less formal manner. We are also occasionally active on park Facebook pages, offering advice to guests.

Ride Rater benefits from a liberal editing style, but comments on the website and on Facebook are semi-moderated. Content is the responsibility of the individual poster and not of this website. While we will remove offensive content, it may temporarily be visible until we are able to take action.


The name Ride Rater comes from the original concept idea for the website, which was to create an interactive voting system where UK rides could be ranked by site visitors to give an indication of which are held in the highest regard. This was a highly ambitious and potentially expensive plan. This concept was dropped in favour of a news website, but we have retained the name Ride Rater.


The information contained on Ride Rater (this website) is for general information purposes only. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information on this website is correct, we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy; nor do we commit to ensuring that the website remains available or that the material on the website is kept up to date.

Ride Rater is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site. Visitors who use this website and rely on any information do so at their own risk.

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We are not responsible the content of external – that is non riderater.co.uk – links posted on this website.

With the exception of that by the Editor, material posted as Comments beneath our articles features the personal views and opinions of individuals, not Ride Rater or its staff.

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By using Ride Rater, you accept the disclaimer in full. If you disagree with any part of the disclaimer, you must not use our website.

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