Riders ‘make own way to safety’ after M&Ds breakdown

Guests riding the log flume at M&Ds in Scotland were forced to evacuate themselves after a breakdown on Saturday, according to the Daily Record newspaper.

It is reported that the White Water ride was stuck yesterday for more than an hour at the top of one of its lift hills, with staff failing to execute an evacuation of those in the vehicle.

The Daily Record quoted onlooker Natasha McDougal as saying: “My partner had just been on the ride with my eldest daughter when we noticed a few minutes later that it had come to a standstill.

“One of the log carriages had got stuck at the top and there were people trapped at the top of the ride.

“After at least an hour, it looked like it still hadn’t been fixed as people were actually walking down to safety.

“I just couldn’t believe it as it had been raining a lot and the tracks would be really slippery and wet.

“It was so dangerous. I would never have attempted it.”

The Daily Record article states that M&Ds last night claimed to have no knowledge of the incident.

Last month at the theme park, nine people were rescued by police rope access officers when the inverted rollercoaster Tsunami failed on its lift hill. The evacuation took over eight hours.

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  1. Many thanks for your take on this, Shaun.

    • shaun brand | 15 August 2011 at 12:58 |

      well i am just telling the truth like it was.there is no point in lying like that and plus giving m&d’s theme park a bad name.

  2. shaun brand | 14 August 2011 at 22:50 |

    hi there this is all lies, me and to of my freinds where waiting to get on this ride when it broke down and as soon as it broke down the guy that was working on the white water helped these people of the ride as soon as the ride had broke down so there are lying to you.and there mum and dad where on the ride to and the man helped them off first.so they are lying fucks,that is shocking likes

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