Thorpe Park car parking charge rises to £8

Stealth rollercoaster, Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park has increased its daily car parking charge to £8 ahead of the theme park’s busiest periods of the year.

The new charge – a £1 rise from the £7 fee at the start of this season – rises to £10 for those paying at the exit barriers and not at ticket machines in advance.

The Surrey resort overtook Alton Towers – whose parking charge remains at £6 – as having the most expensive parking charge of Merlin Entertainments’ UK attractions.

At Chessington World of Adventures the daily parking charge is £3, while at Legoland Windsor and Warwick Castle it is charged at £6 per day.


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  1. the parking charge is rediculas i wont be visiting thorpe park due to the price if the parking

    thats just pure greed they are already getting over £50 a person

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