Best Park 2017: Fantasy Island wins award

Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells, near Skegness

Fantasy Island is the winner of Ride Rater’s Best Park Award for 2017, following a season of continued improvements under the Mellors Group.

Taken over last year by the travelling amusement park specialists, the Lincolnshire attraction has continued to improve its guest offerings.

A full programme of Halloween-themed events, on a similar scale to many other UK parks, also took place for the first time.

Ride availability continues to improve on that seen in recent years, with the Odyssey rollercoaster’s availability dramatically increased.

Mellors have also introduced the Fantasy Card, an introduction of a cashless system by which rides, amusements and other attractions can be accessed.

4 Comments on "Best Park 2017: Fantasy Island wins award"

  1. you need more baby changing toliets

  2. Gail Jennings | 28 December 2017 at 23:14 |

    My granddaughter finerly got on the millennium this year poor grandad had to go on with her over and over agine,it’s a fantastic place to go,

  3. A disabled guest | 28 December 2017 at 20:01 |

    But lots of rides are not even accessible by the disabled and there is absolutely no help for any disabled guests unlike every single other park in the UK.

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