Blackpool Pleasure Beach records £314,000 loss

Artist's impression of Icon rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach recorded after-tax losses of £314,000 for the year ending 26 March 2017, accounts show.

The Lancashire amusement park has moved deeper into the red following the £2,000 loss seen recorded during the preceding 12-month period.

The loss occurred despite an increase in revenue of 4.3%, and a rise in attendances of 1% compared with the previous year.

However, the park’s ultimate holding company – which includes the Thompson family’s wider interests in the park’s hotel and financial services – recorded a £741,000 after-tax profit.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Holdings) Limited’s profits were comparable to those seen in the previous accounting year.

Annual accounts show revenue rising by 3% to £33.4m, which was attributed to a “cost cutting programme” introduced to mitigate the impact of minimum wage rises.

The park’s forthcoming new rollercoaster, Icon, is referenced in the accounts as being due for completion in “early 2018” and “ready for the 2018 season”.

The ride’s precise opening date has not yet been announced.

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  1. what insecurely is the 2.000 lose in profit or deat

  2. BPB NEVER Truly
    attain a loss

  3. While the park keeps adding and investing. We have to take into account that it’s not just the pleasure beach struggling. Blackpool as a whole is.
    The most shocking thing about Blackpool at the time of posting is Blackpool day visits are UP all round. And by day visits we mean arrive at 11am or 12pm on a coach and leave at 5pm. Sadly night visits as in people who stay in the hotels and stay overnight are down massively.

    And that’s what’s killing the park and town.

    There is over 200 hotels for sale in the town because beds can’t be filled.

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