Thorpe Park 2017: Logger’s Leap to remain closed

Logger's Leap

Thorpe Park has confirmed that its Logger’s Leap water ride will remain closed for a further season during 2017.

The Surrey theme park confirmed the ongoing closure in response to a query on Twitter.

“LL is still closed for redevelopment this season,” read one response.

In response to another query asking whether the ride would be opening next year, a message read “not for the 2017 season, no”.

Following the end of the 2015 season, the flume ride was removed from the Thorpe Park website.

A tweet at that time said that the ride would be closed for “maintenance” during 2016, although photographs taken in October this year appear to show the ride site in a semi-derelict state.

Loggers Leap was built by German manufacturers Mack Rides in 1989, and was famously ridden by Princess Diana and her two sons in 1993.

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