Planning permission given for Alton Towers SW8

GCI wooden rollercoaster (generic)

Planning permission has been granted for Alton Towers’ wooden rollercoaster, which is due to open in 2018.

The ride’s construction was approved by Staffordshire Moorlands Council this afternoon, despite some local opposition relating to noise.

Currently dubbed Secret Weapon Eight (SW8), the ride will be located on the site of the former Flume water ride, which closed last year.

The new rollercoaster is widely expected to be a family-friendly, pirate-themed model from American manufacturers Great Coasters International.

3 Comments on "Planning permission given for Alton Towers SW8"

  1. family get to much what about thrill sekers ant that what alton towers is post to be about

  2. Whats the chances of a woody through the valley. Like John Wardley has wanted for ages?

    • For this ride? None.

      However, if this wooden rollercoaster is successful, it may prove to change the way Merlin think, and we could one day see something huge built at Alton Towers or one of their other parks!

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