Chessington to close Bubbleworks ride

Bubbleworks at Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures has announced that the Bubbleworks dark ride will close on 6 September.

The water attraction will reopen under a new name in March 2017, following a programme of refurbishment.

It is understood that the ride will be re-themed with intellectual property (IP) branding, although it is not known what that will be.

The park has said that themed objects from within the ride will be auctioned off.

Originally named┬áProfessor Burp’s Bubbleworks, the attraction was created by veteran ride designer John Wardley and opened in 1990.

It was renamed Bubbleworks in 2005, after which it operated under the sponsorship of the Imperial Leather toiletry brand.

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  1. I hope when they design any new ride it is still a sensory ride and incorporates wheelchair access for severely disabled children so they can experience equal fun as ambulant children. All new rides in theme parks should be fully accessible!.

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