Alton Towers names Smiler reopening date

The Smiler

Alton Towers has confirmed that it will reopen the Smiler rollercoaster on 19 March, the first day of the park’s 2016 season.

Five people were seriously injured when the Gerstlauer-manufactured ride crashed on 2 June last year, with two subsequently suffering lower-leg amputations.

A train laden with 16 people collided into a stationary empty train, which had stalled during a routine test run.

The two affected trains were impounded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as part of their investigation.

The HSE confirmed last week that it would be prosecuting Alton Towers operators Merlin Entertainments over the incident.

The Smiler’s popularity with park visitors is widely expected to be significantly reduced compared to that seen prior to the accident.

6 Comments on "Alton Towers names Smiler reopening date"

  1. At the end of the day, every ride has had its faults over time, yes this one was life changing to people but I’d ride it! If you don’t ride it because it’s had an accident, would you never drive because cars have accidents all the time? It’s simply a sad tragedy but it’s time to move on..

  2. i say they should not reopen the ride they should take it down put a new ride in its place and sake the staff that where operateing the ride at the time off the event

    • Why take The Smiler down
      There’s nothing wrong with the ride at all, it was human error

    • Do you actually know how much it costs to build a ride? Lets just take it down yeah? 👍

    • Are you real woman? It was human error. If somebody has a car crash Do you want all cars banning? Or a plane crashes are you going to boycott planes? Get a grip. It cost them millions to build and you think they will rip it out and build something else? Idiot. It was a tragic accident and life is full of them.

    • If anything, it’s probably the safest ride in the park now. They will have needed to make changes and prove safety before the HSE would let them re open it after what happened.

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