Alton Towers ‘committed and heavily investing’


Alton Towers has said that it is ‘strongly committed’ and ‘heavily investing’ following announcements of operational cuts for the 2016 season.

The Staffordshire resort has announced that it will not open during February half-term for the first time in several years, and has cut 26 days of operation from its 2016 season.

In a email response to a customer query, a spokeswoman from the park’s Resort Excellence department said: “We are strongly committed and will be heavily investing in the resort over the forthcoming years to bring back [the] magic.”

She said that the recently announced programme of refurbishment and repainting, dubbed Towers Loving Care, was the “perfect opportunity” to demonstrate that commitment and investment in the park.

New attractions

It was also indicated in the email that the park would remain closed this February to facilitate the new additions in the Forbidden Valley area of the theme park.

“As we prepare for the opening of the main season and our fantastic new attractions, the theme park won’t be open for February half-term,” it read.

The spokeswoman added that the park would be closed on term-time midweek days because visitor attendance has “historically been very low”, while the removed Friday of the fireworks event was “dramatically quieter” than the Saturday and Sunday.

She also confirmed that there were “no current plans” to change Alton Towers’ car parking charge, which is presently £6 per vehicle.

The email added that confirmation of Alton Towers’ 2016 lineup of rides would be announced in January, after reports that up to six rides would not feature at all next season.

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  1. Denise Hinds | 5 January 2016 at 20:03 |

    I agree the park does need a few new rides. The Smiler was one and looked really good I didn’t get the chance to try it.Sadly things didn’t work out with the New Ride.

  2. I think it’s about time the management at Merlin went “Flat Ride” shopping on behalf of Alton Towers and the Many many fans who have become slightly disillusioned by all the doom and gloom stories surrounding the 2016 season….Yes “rebooting” the Air coaster is awesome (but long over due) ,but what Merlin’s flagship park in the UK needs is new and exciting thrills to keep all its fun loving customers happy !.
    Hopefully the upcoming press release from the Alton Towers management in January will help reassure this..

  3. alton need a good few ride othere wise quies will be longer or gess will not spend as long at the park

  4. the park needs lots rides as a few will mean long quies or gest not staying as long

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