Alton Towers ‘will mothball rides in 2016’


Alton Towers will mothball six rides and attractions during the 2016 season, the TowersStreet website is reporting.

The Ripsaw flat ride and the water-type Flume are reportedly not scheduled to reopen, pending removal from the park.

A further four rides – Hex, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Driving School and Nemesis Sub-Terra – are set to remain closed throughout the 2016 season, according to the TowersStreet source.

Operator Merlin Entertainments has previously said it will be “resetting” its 2016 cost base at Alton Towers following the Smiler rollercoaster crash earlier this year.

The park has suffered a considerable fall in visitor numbers and revenue since the 2 June accident, which resulted in two people requiring leg amputations.

Around 190 jobs are also at risk at the park, as it entered into redundancy consultation with non-seasonal staff earlier this month.

Alton Towers has not confirmed its 2016 ride line-up for neither the main season – beginning in March – or the February half-term event, which typically sees a selection of rides and attractions available.

A number of previous cost-saving measures, including shorter opening times and reduced ride availability, have been reversed following negative customer feedback.

The Smiler rollercoaster is expected to reopen next year following a lengthy investigation and design review conducted in conjunction with the ride’s manufacturers, plus an unspecified third party.

5 Comments on "Alton Towers ‘will mothball rides in 2016’"

  1. Shelley Gilbert | 21 November 2015 at 20:15 |

    If this turns out to be correct then I’m totally gutted to loose some of my favourite rides such as ripsaw n hex. However I whole heartedly support the decisions made by tussards group on how best to keep this historic Park open.
    Me, my family and friends have visited alton towers on numerous occasions this year. More so than any other years. And we will keep going back as many times as we can. We need to accept that the park is struggling and we all need to keep attending and supporting the business or else it will eventually close its doors forever and we will have lost a truly amazing theme park and a huge chunk of history. .

  2. Michael Berry | 21 November 2015 at 01:31 |

    Having just completed the Alton Towers Where Wonders Never Cease book (available on Ebay) I can understand why the rides mentioned will not be open. Sub Terra needs actors and is not the best ride a the park, Driving School, again nothing special when CBBC Land is better, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, again nothing special and Hex is in the Towers, which could be going through refurbishment. Alton Towers will not close down, it is too popular and that popularity has increased towards the end of the season. Smiler should be re-branded and opened next year with increased safety measures and staff must be told to shut all the ride down if a train stops on the lift hill. The accident would have been prevented if staff had gone out of the station to speak to riders on the lift hill. and would have seen the stranded train. Why they didn’t see it stranded on camera is anybody’s guess.

    • scott robinson | 21 November 2015 at 17:36 |

      The smiler crash was due to a mechanic making a fault not the ride operators, if the computer-ran system was left to itself the crash would’ve never happened as two cars cannot enter the same zone. however the mechanic over-rid the computer before checking to see for a stranded car. the safety measures i do agree with, not only for safety but just to increase customer confidence. hopefully the popularity of the park will continue to increase soon!

  3. Thanks a lot Mirror. You see what your’re stupid bashing of Alton Towers has done.

  4. Stuart Middleton | 20 November 2015 at 18:21 |

    I think mothballing rides will lead to a downward spiral. Along with closed days. Fewer people will go, resulting in lower revenues resulting in further cut backs in 2017.
    Investment in new rides and the removal of Smiler, I believe would help to put a terrible year for the park in to the past. Following what has been outlined will only highlight the park as being in decline. Is the ultimate goal to close Alton Towers? If that is the case then don’t let it go in such a degrading fashion.

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