2015 UK theme park season draws to a close


The main theme park season in the UK has ended for the year, with most rides now closed until 2016.

Merlin Entertainments’ four theme parks have been negatively impacted by the accident which occurred on the Smiler ride at Alton Towers in June.

The park ended its season this evening with the culmination of its three-day fireworks event.

Some midweek closures at Merlin’s theme parks have been announced for 2016, as the fallout from the Smiler incident is expected to continue to affect guest numbers.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach yesterday opened until 10pm, allowing guests a rare chance of night time riding.

The Lancashire amusement park’s season also ended today, with reopening occurring in February next year.

3 Comments on "2015 UK theme park season draws to a close"

  1. Ferenc Dobos | 9 November 2015 at 00:05 |

    I not really like the park opening times too short. I also don’t like waiting too long for a ride and I used to in midweek! Midweek closing is a really bad idea!

    All the parks should be open late at evenings. I worked in a small privately owned fairground and we used to kept open about 5pm – 5:30pm on Feb and 6pm on midweek, 7 – 7:30 pm weekend between March, and Main Season (excluding half terms when we kept open till 8pm or later if we were busy) kicked in, then after main season finished we kept open same times as from march.

    If I could have a theme park or amusement park my opening times will be like this

    Feb – March: midweek 11am – 7pm on weekends 10 am – 8pm ish
    March – main season: midweek 10am – 9pm weekends 10am – 10pm or later on demand
    Main Season: 10am – 11pm
    Sept – 5th of Nov: Midweek 11am – 7pm weekends 10am – 8pm ish

  2. Having just returned from a trip to Florida it has to be said that our theme park opening hours are just shocking for what they charge to go in. When will they realise that we need more value for money and services that make the day more enjoyable like free fast passes? Disney do it so why won’t Merlin??????

  3. Think the theme parks have it all wrong here.

    Closing mid-week, closing earlier etc isn’t the answer.

    The general feeling at Scarefest by everyone I was talking to was that the park closing earlier had put them off going as it’s becoming less of a ‘day out’.

    Think the parks need to capitalise on great evening atmospheres and open all half terms and school holidays until at least 8pm if not later.

    You also don’t trade your way out of issues by not opening key vending outlets.

    Far too many win a prize stalls open. Not enough food and drink outlets.

    I know the come back will be cost, but a service led industry should be open when people want to use it. They might be surprised in the response.

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