Smiler ride still under HSE prohibition notice

The Smiler 1Alton Towers’ Smiler rollercoaster remains under a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prohibition notice preventing its use.

The BBC’s Local Live reporter Euan Duncan this evening reported that the enforcement action was “still in force”.

Ride Rater understands that the still-active state of the prohibition notice was confirmed by the HSE after an approach for a statement was made earlier today.

Alton Towers has also repeatedly stated that no decision over the ride’s future had yet been taken.

In recent days, trains have been seen going around the ride’s track, but the park has said that this is being done in conjunction with manufacturers Gerstlauer, as part of its ongoing investigation.

Five people were seriously injured after the crash in June, resulting in the park being closed for a number of days.

Park operators Merlin Entertainments it could take 18 months to recover as it recently warned of a £50 million profits fall in this financial year.

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  1. I always said it was human error that caused the crash on the smiler take into account why did it stop at the top of lift hill 1 for 10 mins that says to me the smiler was working and the safety feature’s was working because at 45 degrees a coaster will not roll forward but rather go backwards I’ve been on that coaster 45 times since its been opened and had no problems at all even rode it 8 times in march 2015 with no problems and I hope the person that over-rode the safety feature’s gets done big time.

  2. I can’t imagine the £50 million can be solely due to the smiler incident however, they are an international company after all.

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