Fantasy Island to remain in administration

The OdysseyFantasy Island will remain in administration until at least February 2016, despite profitable operation in the past year.

The amusement park – which includes caravan income and some market income – had losses of £748,000 offset by significant market income from a subsidiary.

Considerable revenue from the Intermarket Skegness Ltd business, meant that the resort’s consolidated receipts show a trading surplus of £2.1 million since going into administration.

Administrators Duff & Phelps took over the running of the companies that make-up the Lincolnshire park in August 2014.

They said in a progress report filed today that they had extended their period of administration by a further six months, to February 2016.

It is understood that following a full season of operation and demonstrating profitability, the administrators hope to find a buyer for the business.

Consolidated debts currently stand at more than £50 million.

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  1. perhapps blackpool plesurebeach would bay it but would that neserly be good as all park they had closed riped out all the good rides for theme self but lets hope the find a bayer how will invest as this is a great park and second best amusmeqant park after blackpool i would say

  2. scott brassington | 3 August 2015 at 21:18 |

    how much is it to buy it

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