Smiler under design review following collision

The SmilerThe Smiler rollercoaster is undergoing a design review following the collision which seriously injured five people last month.

The park’s operators Merlin Entertainments said that they were conducting a third-party review in conjunction with the ride’s manufacturers Gerstlauer.

Speaking in a public conference call this morning, Merlin chief executive Nick Varney also said that a decision over the ride’s future had not yet been taken.

He added that he thought Alton Towers would recover in the “medium term”, despite seeing a considerable fall in attendances since the 2 June accident.

Ride Rater understands that the rollercoaster will not operate again this season.

Queue times for the park’s rides and attractions have at times fallen to levels below that of the November weekdays, which typically see less than 5,000 guests visiting the park per day.

‘Adverse effects’

Merlin this morning issued a trading statement warning of the “adverse impact” on trading at the start of the “critical” summer period.

Varney said that adverse affects would be felt into 2016, but that the company would be better able to manage that via budgetary planning, which would be difficult to implement during the middle of the peak season.

Merlin projected that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) for its theme parks would likely be down by between £37 million and £47 million.

Varney said that guest satisfaction remained “world class” from the wider Merlin custom base.

Approximately 1% to 1.5% of the company’s 60 million guests use the touch screen feedback consoles that feature at the company’s attractions, he revealed.

Varney said that Alton Towers was most significant affected by a drop in visitor numbers following the Smiler accident, and to a lesser extent Thorpe Park.

He said that the compensation payments to the injured in the Smiler accident were “not material” to the company’s financial performance.

Shares in Merlin fell from 424 to 385 pence at the opening of trading on the London Stock Exchange this morning, before recovering somewhat to close at 405 pence.

The company’s financial results for the first half of this year will be published in full on Thursday.

8 Comments on "Smiler under design review following collision"

  1. Love alton towers hope they dont get rid of the smiler if it reopened tomorrow i would be straight back on it, amazing coaster.

    If they want anyone to ride test it i wwould gladly volunteer

  2. Went to alton towers a few days ago. Almost the best theme park I have visited, if the Smiler would have been open, it would be number one.

    The staff is actually friendly, where most major theme parks *cough* Disneyland Paris *cough* has… less friendly staff.
    The rides are amazing, they are really one of a kind.
    And Alton Towers has the best food in any theme park I have visited (I have visited around 40).

    It’s really calm now and waiting times aren’t there, so give it a go, it’s really fun, even without the Smiler operating!

  3. I went to alton towers on the 7 and 8th of July and I loved it it was my first time there all the staff was oso friendly I was nervous on going on the rides at fist but they all made me feel so save I’d love to ride on the smiler

  4. Alton towers is the only place in the UK with world class rides and customer service. Bring the smiler back and keep visiting and supporting the park.

  5. Another fantastic day today at Alton Towers.

    In fact, everything was fantastic 😃

    So what are you all waiting for? Get you’re backsides down and enjoy yourselves!!

  6. The smiler is a fantastic ride and should re open – amazing ride that will be 1 if not the safest coaster in the world when it reopens.

  7. I would like to see the ride back on next year I miss it plus you guys at Alton towers are the best I enjoy going every year feel like a kid in a sweet shop xxxx

    • Please re open the smiler i miss this ride its not the same with it closed and alton towers could not have done enough for the injured parties, we love u alton towers the staff and rides are both excellant Xxxxx.

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