Spinball ‘walking pace’ collision at Alton Towers

Sonic SpinballA “walking pace” collision occurred on the Sonic Spinball rollercoaster at Alton Towers on Tuesday, it has emerged.

The park described the coming together of two ride cars in the loading station as a “nudge”.

It said that it advised that those in the two trains attend its on-site medical centre for “precautionary checks”.

A spokeswoman for the Staffordshire attraction said: “Two cars in the station area nudged each other at walking pace.

“The guests on the two cars walked off and we advised that they attend our medical centre as a precautionary measure.”

The incident has been seized upon by British tabloid newspapers, in the wake of the Smiler accident which occurred 2 June and seriously injured five people.

2 Comments on "Spinball ‘walking pace’ collision at Alton Towers"

  1. Dave York | 3 July 2015 at 07:15 |

    Oh come on! This is becoming a joke now. And how many people get injured at parks were log flumes shunt to the back as standard practice? Or who gets injured when the rapids hit a wall and bounces off? Its getting ridiculous.

  2. Jordan Hamilton | 2 July 2015 at 22:08 |

    I think people really are starting to take the mick. What happened on the Smiler was bad and I do feel for all those who were injured in the collision, but seriously, walking pace? I understand Alton Towers covering themselves by telling the people to go to the medical centre, just to cover themselves, but are they gonna do it everytime this happens? And why should they have to do it everytime this happens. They gonna start telling people to go to the medical centre on the flume each time boats collide? Or what about the rapids? It really just takes the mick, because I bet you someone will try and get some form of compensation of Alton for it. People need to grow up and start understanding these rides do this all the time and they cant start making everything into something its not, due to one ride having an unfortunate accident.

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