How the media reported the Smiler accident

The Smiler logoSensationalism of accidents involving rides is common with the media, particularly the tabloid newspapers.

We take a look at some of the most memorable and unverified statements made in the wake of Tuesday’s accident on the Smiler at Alton Towers.

“Emergency services battled for five hours to cut all the passengers free from the mangled wreckage of the Smiler ride, with some pictured hanging upside down 25ft above the ground.”
Daily Express

“Once they have recovered, the four could comforted by ‘very significant’ payouts.”
International Business Times

“Alton Towers bosses are reported to be considering SCRAPPING The Smiler after the horrific crash this week.”
Daily Mirror

“[one rider] is said to have been given a blood transfusion and morphine before she passed out following the collision.”
The Independent

“Victim loses a LEG in Alton Towers horror crash – but why was ride still running despite history of faults?”
Daily Express

“The Staffordshire attraction has been racking up losses of around £500,000 a day since closing after Tuesday’s accident.”
Express & Star

“Witnesses described scenes of horror after the collision, with one victim’s face covered in blood and others screaming in terror.”
Bournemouth Echo

“Thrillseekers sit in rows of four on the £18 million ride, which is the newest attraction at the park in Staffordshire.”
Evening Standard

“This appears to be the seventh incident since The Smiler opened to the public which has led to the rollercoaster being closed for repairs, reviews or accidents.”
Sky News

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  1. Sam Williamson | 5 June 2015 at 19:30 |

    Whilst the accident was distressing, what worried me more as an enthusiast was the horrible, bias media reporting. From letting rumours spread to the disgusting Sky News interview of Nick Varney (who must have enough on his mind without rude reporters making his day harder) the media has been doing everything in its power to shock and ruin AT’s reputation. I’m sure coaster enthusiasts will agree that The Sun’s immediate headline “Towers of Terror” despite there connections with AT shocked me. If we had had neutral, unbiased reporting actually saying how the people were doing, not trying to drag share prices into it, and not placing speculation as truth, this incident would have been a whole lot better handled.

    Rant Over ;)

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