Thompson ‘sticking by’ Pleasure Beach charge

Amanda ThompsonBlackpool Pleasure Beach owner Amanda Thompson has said that she is “sticking by” the £6 charge for admission to the park.

The amusement park historically was free admission with a pay-per-ride policy.

The 2009 season saw the introduction of an admission charge – then £5 – for those wishing to enter the park, with unlimited ride wristbands providing park access also available.

In an interview with the Blooloop website, Thompson said that she believed the admission charge was the “right thing” to do.

“I really received a lot of negative publicity,” she said.

“We did it because we wanted to send out a clear message to guests that the safety and cleanliness of the park, particularly for families, was of paramount importance.”

She added that she thought that the Pleasure Beach was unique in terms of offering a ticket for people that don’t wish to ride.

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  1. I really can’t understand why people are moaning about a £6 walk round fee. (Which also includes unlimited rides on the train and the maze).

    How much is it to walk round Alton Towers or Thorpe Park ?

    When I was a lad in the 70’s and early 80’s we often visited the pleasure beach but my dad always limited us to 3 rides due to having to pay for each ride. Now I can take my family and go on as many rides as we want for one price.

    It’s much better value for riders and if you happen to be with someone that doesn’t want to ride then the £6 option is a fair price.

  2. Jamie's Rodgers | 3 April 2015 at 21:53 |

    Are we not missing the point? Is this not a very good way to keep kids/gangs out of the park… I would feel safer in an environment that people have had to pay to enter rather than one anyone can just walk in to?

    Last time I went to Blackpool a group of youths tried to snatch my winnings from a fruit machine… Personally not a big fan of the place. It clearly has problems with with this sort of problem.

    As for all this wanting people to enter for free to watch kids etc… You don’t get this at Alton towers, Thorpe park, Chessington… Or any if the major players like Disney, universal etc! Why oh why should they let anyone in for free? And to be honest that’s a descent price really! It’s going to cost them money to have you on property – why shouldn’t you pay a base fee entry :/

  3. Barry wootton | 1 April 2015 at 18:56 |

    And they wonder why people don’t bother going anymore! I could understand if it was included in the wristband price but to charge people an entrance fee just shows there getting desperate for money!They need to start thinking about their prices and tart the park up in the places that need it most so that it can become more appealing for visitors!

  4. The Red baron | 1 April 2015 at 17:44 |

    Just like to comment about the painting on the Grand National. I went on a tour and was told that when the old wood is replaced it is with pressure treated wood and they are not going to paint it. It saves money.

  5. This makes my blood boil every time I read about it. I really believe it’s wrong
    To charge people just to walk the Tarmac there. It has stopped our family visiting
    The pleasure beach on our last two visits to Blackpool, and let’s be clear, I love the
    Pleasure beach but it’s my children’s time to ride. I have no doubt that if our parents
    Had to pay to take us in we would have missed out. If numbers are down there like
    We read about they need to re think and open up for free again. Better still, let merlin
    Pass holders in for a tenner too!!!!!!

  6. Ste Crowther | 31 March 2015 at 18:05 |

    Not been to the bpb since 2009 still vist Blackpool but I like to ride the rides at least 8/9 times a year take the kids but now have to pay to take my mum & dad round who r in there 70’s so they can see the gran kids having fun but £12 for nothing to see paint falling off the woodwork have u seen the grand national round the back god no’s when that was last painted she is costing her self money by this charge older people will spend in the restaurant play in the arcade but can do all this for free on the piers .1 day Blackpool from manchester £20 fuel £8/10 car park family of 4 tickets £100 2 oap walk round the park £12 with no food or drinks £142 all for one day in bpb no wounder they are losing money

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